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With the many changes that have taken place and the reshaping of the hockey landscape during the past few months, we have adapted the format to serve the needs of our organizations.
We have always sought to provide a venue for competitive teams to play against teams they would not regularly play while minimizing travel expense and days missed from school.
The NIHL will function in compliance with USA Hockey as a showcase .
All organizations must be registered with USA Hockey and obtain all certifications and permits from their local affiliate.
All referees must be USA Hockey certified in order to officiate at Showcase weekends.
  • Outstanding Competition and parity
  • Up to 21  regular season games
  •  7 game weekends
  • 3 man ref system Bantam Midget
  • Reduced Travel time and expense
  • No Ties in regular season play
  • Totally organized weekend play
  • Minimize days missed from school
  • Outstanding communication






"Coast to Coast Competition"

NIHL Hockey League

Mission:To provide a competitive and rewarding experience for competitive  teams. We will provide an organized forum that will minimize travel, reduce player costs and provide increased competition in a fun environment.